Saturday, September 22, 2007

AIRHEADS: Billick Diverts Attention From Real Problems

By Mark Zinno

So Brian Billick made a point to call out the Jets defense as “cheating” in his weekly press conference. All this in the wake of Bill Belichick and the Patriots cheating scandal.

Billick’s claim was that the Jets defenders were barking out snap counts and calls drawing the Ravens offside on several occasions. Now, while I don’t disagree that it is illegal and pretty much bush league, once again, I feel that Billick is very astutely trying to draw attention away from the issue. Never mind the fact that his play calling was suspect once again. Never mind the fact that the defense almost blew the game with a 4th quarter collapse. And never mind the fact that Billick, like many Ravens lovers in this town are waking to the realization that after seeing these first two games this team isn’t as good as we thought it would be.

Again, I know it’s early and things could change … I hope they do. But seriously, are we supposed to believe that the Jets defenders drawing the Ravens inexperienced o-line offside was the cause for this game being closer than it ever should have? Would Jonathan Ogden in his prime ever complained about this? No, I think he would have just smacked the defensive lineman who made the call straight in the mouth!

Brian Billick needs to just shut up and win! His head is still on the chopping block… remember, he wanted this responsibility. Next time the Ravens are on the road, will Billick complain that the fans were too loud while his offense was throwing the ball when it should have been running it anyway?

I still like Billick and I think he is a great players’ coach. Guys love to play for him, but I seriously question whether he can get this team back to where it is built to go, and that is the Super Bowl.

By Jeremy Conn

I personally don't have a problem With Brian Billick bringing up the Jets and the penalties that were not called. Some people will tell you "If you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying." I’m all for trying to gain an advantage on the playing field, but after hearing what the Patriots did in the first game of the season, steroids in baseball, and gambling referees, I just think its ridiculous that defenders would try to throw off the snap count.

I watched two college football games, where the penalty was actually called. I do believe Billick is using this as a distraction for the real problems on the offensive end, which has been the play calling. That being said as a coach you need to bring forth all of the problems on the field so this doesn’t happen again.

After watching these first 2 games the play calling has been horrendous. For all the things I feel Brian Billick does right, there are still a lot of things that go wrong. Good luck getting him to admit it. But I don’t feel like the Ravens will have many problems this weekend.

I also believe Billick was right in calling out the refs, maybe a few calls will go the Ravens’ way this weekend.

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